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Elliott Parks

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameElliott Francis Parks
Date of Birth10th June 2575
Date of Death25th December 2624
Age41 (HOTK)
42 (TTS)
49 (AOTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
Rear Admiral (AOTS)

Elliott Parks is a starship captain in the CSN, and one of those instrumental in the design, conception and eventual implementation of the ATAF project.


Early Life

Parks' career within the CSN has been highly successful and he rose through the ranks quickly, attaining the rank of commodore faster than any one else in the Navy's history.

He was largely mentored by both Admiral Turner and Anthony Hawke, whom he considered to be a close friend. Despite his swift progress through the ranks and great responsibilities, he sometimes feels that he is a fraud and not fully prepared for the tasks laid out before him. He masks his own self doubt well against all but Turner, who remains confident that Parks is far more capable than he believes. Parks' focus on his career has so far led him to never find love, something the Admiral has been keen to make a point of recently.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Parks requested that Simon Dodds should rejoin naval service when he needed a team to participate in the ATAF project. It was not a popular decision with the other senior command, by they permitted him to do so, nonetheless.

Parks was one of the few that was fully aware of the very real threat that both the Confederation and the Independent Worlds would soon be facing from the Pandoran forces, and in response to this he chose to intercept to take back Dragon the moment it was found to be travelling around Independent World space.

He was captain of Griffin when the carrier suffered a mis-jump and found itself drifting in Imperial space. The accident proved to have its advantages and Parks was faced with the somewhat difficult decision of sending the White Knights to Arlos Starport to retrieve the stolen ATAF blueprints. Despite its crippled state he was able to defend Griffin from Ifrit when Hawke and Zackaria used it to attack them, by issuing the remote shutdown codes against the stolen carrier.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with Amanda Jenkins and the president of the Confederacy, Elliott Parks was representing the Helios Confederation at the IWC General Assembly being held at Torelli, Alba when news of Ifrit's destruction was received. After conferring with a number of senior CSN staff, he immediately set about taking a rescue team to the Coyote system to rescue the White Knights and retrieve the ATAFs. He also opted to take Griffin, to the displeasure of Jenkins. During the brief, he discovered that Anthony Hawke had survived being spaced in the Phylent system and was now apparently leading the Pandoran fleet in their invasion of Coyote, commanding Chimera.

Arriving in the Coyote system, Parks discovered that the Pandoran forces not only had Mythos surrounded, but were also disguising their vessel signatures, making it near-impossible to tell friend from foe. His arrival into the system was also greeted by Hawke, who spoke only to request Parks' immediate surrender.

Parks eventually made it to the ground, having overcome the enemy's radar blanketing and defeating a dreadnought that lay in their way. He arrived in Hunter's Square in time to rescue Dodds, Estelle, Chaz and Natalia Grace from an aggressive attack by a number of Pandoran soldiers.

After rescuing Kelly and Enrique, Parks confessed to being fully aware of both the true origin and threat of the Pandoran army, as well as knowing full well what the ATAFs had been created for and what part of the White Knights would play.

Escaping Mythos, Parks found that Mandeep had finally arrived to the Coyote system with Grendel's Mother. However, upon landing on the ship he discovered that Zackaria had started to broadcast a threat of extermination to the rest of the galaxy, which the allies had been unable to prevent. Parks was then arrested by Adrian Parson after he attempted to prevent the immediate implementation of Operation Sudarberg and sentenced to spend the duration aboard Grendel's Mother in the brig.

Parks was able to persuade James Potter to help him get off the ship when it was invaded by a number of Pandoran soldiers. The two gathered together a team to help save the Tachyon Star Bombs that had been brought along, but became separated when a fire door came down. The teams were then eliminated, leaving Potter and Parks to find a new route to the flight deck.

During their alternate route, Parks discovered that Hawke had boarded the ship. Catching Potter and Parks, Hawke broke Potter's neck in an extremely short battle. Parks then attempted to fight Hawke until Hawke gained the upper hand, breaking his arm and punching him almost unconscious. Parks was saved by Mandeep who beheaded Hawke with a fire axe, before helping Parks off the ship.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

As the Pandoran army began its push beyond Mitikas, laying waste to the Independent worlds, Parks devised a way to destroy the enemy fleet as it jumped into Confederation space, in a plan that later became known as Black Widow. The idea came to him when he saw a glass fall from a table during a meeting, shards embedding themselves in the leg of a man sitting close by and the water from the glass itself shorting out some electricals.

During the second phase of Black Widow, Parks suspected an enemy trap and urged Tracy Storm to retreat from the Adetton system immediately. When Storm refused and CSN Phoenix was invaded by the ambushing Pandoran fleet, Parks ordered that Phoenix should be destroyed before the Enemy could take hold of it. The action led him to being found guilty of treason and locked up in prison in Gabriel after Griffin had fled there. The conviction was quickly overturned by President Fairbanks and Amanda Jenkins.

Parks married Sima Mandeep in 2621, before dividing the CSN in two (including the White Knights and the ATAFs) and taking one half to meet the advancing Pandoran fleet head-on. His attempts to stop the fleet by force were unsuccessful.

In late 2624, Parks sent what remained of the frontline forces back to Helios to join the defence teams and took Dodds, Chaz, and Enrique to Imperial space, along with Griffin, Agent 57, Colonel K, and the Goon Sunrise, in an attempt to locate and negotiate with Zackaria. After several weeks in Imperial space, Parks was confined to quarters for two days on Samson Tunstall's orders, after he over stretched himself with the task.

After failing to apprehend Zackaria at Kethlan, Parks teamed up with Vincent Lovejoy and Cratos to tow some of the UNF vessels in the system back to Sol. Parks was initially unhappy to discover that Natalia Grace was serving aboard Cratos, even less so when she stowed away on Griffin to speak with Chaz and Dodds.

Upon the theft of the allied forces' final remaining nuclear warheads, and with too many doubts being cast as to the method with which to overcome and destroy CSN Dragon, Parks chose to hijack Cratos and travel to the HD 21563010 system to look for the Elpis' Gift, requesting the assistance of Omar Wyatt to do so. He was confronted by Mandeep as he prepared to board the dreadnought, begging him to remain at Sol and not to go in search of the prototype TSB. Parks told her that he would see her again, although he did not promise he would come back alive.

Aboard the Elpis' Gift, Parks worked with Chaz on the freighter's bridge to search for evidence of the TSB. At the appearance of Chimera, Parks ordered that Cratos be brought into the atmosphere of HD 21563010 Ab, to prevent the dreadnought from being easily overcome by the hundreds of starfighters deployed against her, as well as to protect against Chimera's plasma accelerators. He also manoeuvred the freighter closer to Cratos to allow the gunners to shoot off the Leeches that were clinging to the hull. Once the TSB had been located, he attempted to return to the shuttle with Chaz.

Parks was fatally wounded by a gunshot to the back from a Pandoran soldier whom both he and Chaz believed to be dead. Chaz attempted to help Parks back to the shuttle, but Parks was unable to make it, blacking out far too much. Eventually, Parks requested that Chaz take him back to the freighter's bridge, where he intended to ram INF Chimera and allow Cratos to escape. Parks also gave Chaz his wedding ring, asking him to give it to Sima. Before leaving him, Chaz told Parks that he hated him but did not blame him for his actions. Parks was unable to help from laughing, and told the man to return home to look after his family and win the war.

Parks was killed when he rammed the Elpis' Gift into INF Chimera, destroying the Imperial carrier. A small funeral was held in his memory at Earth Orbital One, a grave dug in one of the gardens, facing Earth.

After the war had ended, HD 21563010 was renamed Elliott's Rest, in memory of him.


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