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CSN Phoenix

Phoenix is the CSN's first Cobra-C class carrier, and the second third generation carrier of its class in existence, after Chimera.





The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Work on Phoenix was completed in mid 2621, and the super carrier received its maiden voyage on 7th November of the same year, during phase two of Black Widow.

Phoenix, captained by Tracy Storm, led the allied forces to the Adetton system, to commence the mop-up of the Pandoran forces, following the successful elimination of the fleet that had jumped into the Temper system.

Phoenix was one of the furthest vessels up the field when the real Pandoran army ambushed the allied forces and began to tear them apart. Storm initially refused to retreat from Adetton, not wanting Phoenix's maiden voyage to be the first battle that she ran from. However, the man changed his mind when the Enemy begun to overwhelm the allies.

Phoenix was spared from destruction, the Enemy instead choosing to board and capture her. The carrier's engines were first shot out, to prevent it from fleeing the system, before dozens of Leeches were deployed to enable soldiers to board. Storm refused to activate the self destruct on the carrier, keen to do whatever he could to bring her home. Storm was killed when a group of Pandoran soldiers crashed a Leech into the frontal viewport, intending to take control of the bridge.

When it became clear that the ship had been lost to the Enemy, Elliott Parks ordered its destruction. His command was initially contested by Ali Liu, but the navigator quickly backed down. Phoenix was destroyed by a combination of multiple torpedoes and a plasma accelerator sweep from Estelle de Winter's ATAF.

Both Parks and de Winter were arrested after fleeing to the Gabriel system, on the charges of destruction of CSN Phoenix and all those serving aboard her.






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