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Tracy Storm

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameTracy Liam Storm
Date of Birth29th July 2566
Date of Death7th November 2621
Age51 (TTS)
58 (AOTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
RankRear Admiral

Tracy Storm is an officer in the Confederation Stellar Navy. He holds the rank of rear admiral.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Storm was the contact at CSN HQ when the news that Ifrit had been shot down in the Coyote system came in. He brought Elliott Parks and Amanda Jenkins up to speed on the situation when they contacted him from the Alba system.

He informed Jenkins and Parks of the Enemy vessels that had been confirmed to be present around Mythos (Chimera, Lowbow and Evening Star), as well as telling them that Anthony Hawke was in command of Chimera.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

In 2622, Storm participated in phase one and two of Black Widow, overseeing the clean up of the Pandoran forces' failed attempt to jump into the Temper system. He rewarded the White Knights and the Iron Wolves for their part in the operation by proving them with beers and a steak dinner. During the dinner he leaked the news that Phoenix, the CSN's new super carrier, would be receiving her maiden voyage in the coming days, for phase two of Black Widow, and that he would be acting as captain. He would also be leading the operation when the allies went to Imperial space.

When the time came for phase two of Black Widow, Storm led the assault on the Pandoran forces that were gathered in the Adetton system, taking Phoenix up the field and engaging the targets there. He remained upbeat and adamant of success, even when Parks and Sima Mandeep questioned the ease at which they were dispatching the Enemy forces.

After the Pandorans had sprung their trap, Storm initially told the allied to resist being routed from the system and to continue to fight the opposing forces. He changed his mind after it became clear that they could not fight the odds stacked against them (essentially the full strength of the Pandoran fleet) and called for a retreat. Phoenix was damaged at that time, the jump drive and propulsion system being blown offline.

Storm was killed when the Pandoran forces began to board Phoenix, a group of the soldiers smashing their way onto the bridge, via the frontal viewport, and shooting dead all of the bridge crew. Phoenix itself was destroyed by Elliott Parks, to prevent the carrier from falling into the hands of the Enemy.


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