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Jump (or Jumping) is a form of faster-than-light travel that uses a combination of wormholes and cross-dimensional transit.

The technology is adopted throughout the known galaxy as a way to cross vast distances very quickly. The technology works either by means of an "engine" built into starships or via a special gate. Typically, jump engines are only found in larger ships; starfighters and other small vessels do not possess jump engines.

Whilst jumping, a vessel essentially opens a portal (known as a Lorentzian wormhole) to another dimension where the distance between the starting point and end point are significantly shorter. This enables the crossing vessel to traverse the distance in a matter of hours, rather than years. After travelling the distance, the vessel returns to normal space. The journey takes place within a Kepler Suspension Field, that will prevent a "full cross-shift" into the host dimension (which has never been explored).










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