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Amanda Jenkins

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameAmanda Summer Jenkins
Date of Birth16th December 2557
Age59 (HOTK)
60 (TTS)
67 (AOTS)
EthnicityLatin American
AffiliationHelios Confederation
RankAdmiral (HOTK)
Admiral of Fleet (TTS, AOTS)

Amanda Jenkins is an admiral within the Confederation Stellar Navy.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Amanda Jenkins rose to the position of Admiral of Fleet after David Turner's forced retirement, overseeing the continuation of Special Operations (the ferrying out of remaining Imperial citizens from Mitikas, as well as the evacuation of independent worlds in anticipation of Operation Sudarberg).

Due to her age, Jenkins had had fun poked at her by the tabloid media, doctored images showing her needing walking steps and support frames. The title "Captain Granny" was popular for a time.

Along with Elliott Parks, she was representing the CSN at one of the IWC's general assemblies at Alba when the news came in that Ifrit had been shot down in the Coyote system, taking the White Knights and the ATAFs down with it.

Having organised the rescue effort, Jenkins was somewhat unhappy with Parks volunteering to take Griffin out to Coyote, as the vessel had only just been cleared for a return to service, following the fall out of Operation Menelaus. Even so, she agreed to him taking the ship.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Jenkins remained fleet admiral of the CSN from 2617, continuing to lead the fight against the Pandoran army. She served mostly from Earth, although she would from time to time involve herself in direct conflicts.

Jenkins met Estelle, Kelly and Meyers on Earth Orbital One as they arrived at Sol from Alpha Centuari, aboard Leviathan. She interrupted a group of people who met the three on the deck of the space station, in time to prevent them from seriously assaulting the three.

Jenkins remained upbeat and confident that what remained of the allied forces could defeat the Pandoran army, despite suffering heavy set backs, particularly after the loss of the final remaining nuclear warheads. She fully backed the destruction of Dragon, rather than its capture, going against the wishes of the government and dismissing a minister and his aide when they challenged her.

Following the theft of the Prince of Midnight (by Brandon Walsh, the Chief of Staff), Jenkins locked down all movement around Sol, aside from security patrols, in an attempt to prevent any further losses. Though Kelly Taylor found evidence of the location of the prototype TSB, the admiral forbid Parks and the White Knights from travelling to the HD 21563010 system to look for it. Meyers attempted to distract Jenkins from Parks' plan to hijack Cratos and travel to the system, but Jenkins quickly saw through the attempt. Despite this, she was unable to prevent Cratos from leaving Sol.

Jenkins fought in the final battle for the Solar System, taking over captaincy of Griffin after Parks' death. During the battle, she ordered that Dodds manually deploy the TSB to Dragon following the loss of control of the Dumb Waiter, essentially having him complete the task that was originally intended of he and the ATAF for Operation Sudarberg.


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