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The Battle for the Solar System

The Battle for the Solar System was a decisive battle fought on 26th December, 2624, by the allied forces in Sol, to protect Earth from the invading Pandoran army. It is considered by many to be the most important engagement of the entire Pandoran War.


Event Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Early on 26th December, 2624, the Pandoran fleet arrived in Sol, jumping into the system, close to Earth. They were met by the full strength of the remaining allied forces, but still outnumbered their opponents a good eight to one.

It had been determined that a loss at Sol would be the breaking point in humanity's struggle against the Senate's Mistake and that the human race would almost certainly cease to exist, should the Enemy win.

Tactical meetings believed that the Pandorans would seek to bring Dragon within firing range of Earth, to explode an anti-matter shot in the atmosphere, and superheat it to produce a firestorm. The allies were to counter this attempt by delivering a prototype Tachyon Star Bomb to Dragon and destroying the battleship. They would then seek to clear away all the remaining enemy units in straight combat (though this they knew would be extremely difficult).

All the major allied warships (Griffin, Leviathan, Amarok, Cratos) and senior command (Aiden Meyers, Amanda Jenkins, Sima Mandeep) took to the field to engage the Pandoran fleet, the White Knights leading the strike against the Pandoran fighters. It was quite sometime before Dragon arrived in the system, Leviathan and a host of other allied warships being downed in that time. When Dragon arrived in the system, the allies deployed the TSB via the Dumb Waiter, attempting to guide it through the maelstrom of combat and onto the battleship.

The Dumb Waiter was damaged by an unidentified target during the deployment. Fortunately, Simon Dodds stumbled upon the remains of the bomb and was able to manually deploy it to Dragon. Aboard the battleship, he fought Jason Zackaria, who was attempted to stop him from planting the bomb in the ship's centre. But with Zackaria in a poor state of health, Dodds succeeded in activating the bomb and fled Dragon before it's destruction.

Dragon's destruction had an interesting side effect. The anti-matter that was intended for Earth was parcelled up, along with the energy from the ship's own destruction, and flung about the immediate area, where the Pandoran warships were gathered. Many were completely destroyed as the parcels exploded, like cluster bombs, and only a handful that attempted to flee succeeded in escaping (jump points were disrupted by the energy parcel explosions).

Jason Zackaria died during the battle, leaving no one to lead the Pandoran army. The soldiers returned to Mitikas space to await their new instructions, but started to die of their nanomachine-induced illnesses.

The Pandoran War officially concluded on 26th December 2624, at 5:26am GMT.






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