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Aiden Meyers

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameAiden Meyers
Date of Birth1st April 2570
Age47 (HOTK)
47 (TTS)
54 (AOTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
RankCaptain (HOTK, TTS)
Commodore (AOTS)

A pleasant man, Meyers is prepared to see the good in everyone and not allow himself to become angered until the line has been well and truly crossed. Preferring to use the carrot rather than to the stick, David Turner has described him as sometimes being too soft and likely the reason he has remained non-prompted for so long.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Meyers was a commander at Mandelah Naval Base before he was called upon to captain Leviathan during Operation Menelaus.

After playing his part in the mission he returned to Spirit in search of Griffin, which had disappeared into a troublesome jump point.

After confirming that carrier had suffered a mis-jump and was drifting in Imperial space, he took Leviathan to the Phylent system to rescue the ship.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Meyers was one of the first of the allied forces to arrive in the Coyote system, to find out what had become of the White Knights and the size of the enemy force. He fought alongside both Elliott Parks and Jennifer Bailey for supremacy of the space around Mythos. Meyers undertook captaincy of Leviathan during the battle.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Meyers was promoted to Commodore following the events of Black Widow. He remained in the Helios systems, along with Sima Mandeep and Jennifer Bailey, to form part of the main defence force against the invading Pandoran fleet. He continued to serve as captain aboard Leviathan during that time.

In late 2624, he fought as part of the defence at Sky, taking full command of the allied fleet, before ordering that they retreat to Sol when it became clear that the battle was lost. He later found Estelle and Kelly aboard Leviathan and confessed to them that he wasn't feeling positive about the outcome of the war.

Back at Sol, Parks came to him, asking him to find a way to distract Amanda Jenkins, whilst he and the White Knights hijacked Cratos, to take in search of the prototype TSB. Meyers attempted to distracted Jenkins with some of his poetry, attempting to read her one called "Daffodils". The admiral was not fooled, but nevertheless was stalled long enough to allow Parks and the Knights to escape. Meyers was thrown into Earth Orbital One's brig when Jenkins discovered that he had assisted the heist of the dreadnought. He was later released when Cratos returned with the TSB.

Meyers took part in the final battle for the Solar System, to prevent Dragon from getting close enough to Earth to destroy the planet. He was believed killed when Leviathan was destroyed, but was recovered safe and well in an escape pod after the conclusion of the battle.

He was promoted to rear admiral for the final mop-up of the remaining Pandoran forces, before he finally retired from the navy in 2631. He moved to Earth, to teach English at a community college.


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