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Independent Worlds

Running between the Confederacy and Mitikas Empire are a number of independent worlds and star systems. Each system, and inhabited planet within, has their own government, own set of laws and foreign policies.

Whilst many of the worlds are stable and enjoy good relationships with other Independent Worlds, the Confederacy and Empire, some are classified by the Confederacy as "rogue worlds" due to spawning many terrorists and insurgents. Many criminal organisations have also originated from independent worlds.

Foreign policy has been known to create friction between independent worlds, the Empire and the Confederacy, causing many political and military clashes up and down the galaxy (including between the Empire and the Confederation as an indirect result).

Some worlds have established themselves as popular holiday resorts, attracting visitors and holiday makers from all over the galaxy. Mythos, a perpetually sun soaked planet, and Tigibel, with its multitude of snow cover mountains, are two very popular destinations.

In response to the need to form better relationships with one another, and also to better present their position to the Empire and the Confederacy, the IWC and United Naval Forces were born.

In the early 27th century Emperor Adam Lorenzo began granting independence to a number of Imperial star systems, many of whom were believed to have been swallowed up during the early expansion of the Empire. This is believed to have been the first steps towards the start of the Imperial Civil War.






The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

The Independent worlds fell quickly to the advancement of the Pandoran fleet between 2617 and 2621. Though many of the nations had joined the United Naval Forces and created treaties, a lack of loyalty continued to haunt the involved parties. Many fled when it became clear that the war against the Enemy was going badly, allowing alliances to crumble.

The Alba-Trilliack Union, formed between the nations of Alba and Trilliack, as well as admitting other minor and less powerful nations, was one of the more recognised and serious attempts to build an alliance and convert strength and unity. It was short lived, however, the Pandoran army quickly overrunning it, the alliance's members breaking away.

Most of the peoples fled to Helios, though they were soon told by the confederation that sanctuary would only be offered to those who were willing to stand and fight.





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