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Imperial Civil War

The Imperial civil war began in 2608 when the Imperial Senate split from the Emperor in a disagreement over independence being granted to a number of star systems within the Empire.

Formally independent, the star systems in question had been swallowed up during the early expansion of the Empire, either as a result of politics, or by force. Not long after he was crowned, Emperor Lorenzo III began to give option to a handful of system to detach themselves from the Empire and form their own rule.

This went against the advice of the Senate who believed that the new Emperor was undermining the power of the Imperium, and would make it appear weak in face of its "enemies". The Senate split from the Emperor and, with the aid of its supporters, launched a crusade against his rule, scourging the worlds he had set free and attempting to assassinate him.

The Senate, however, were outnumbered and three years in to their war soon began to fall to the Emperor's forces, who were led by Jason Zackaria. A cease fire was declared on both sides and talks were held.

Then, nearly a year later, the Senate launched a new offensive, one which tipped the scales heavily in their favour. In the five years that followed cities, planets and entire star systems fell to the onslaught of black-suited soldiers, until, in late 2616, Kethlan fell.



Further Details [Toggle Spoilers]

In December 2617, Natalia Grace revealed to the White Knights that the Imperial Senate had used nanotechnology to create a number of super soldiers, in order to give them the edge in fighting Adam Lorenzo's forces. After a number of victories by the Senate, the nano-virus was spread to the remaining citizens of Mitikas by seeding water supplies in major cities.

After learning of what later became known as the Pandoran Army, both the Helios Confederation and a select number of independent nations came together to discuss how best to handle the situation. One of the key decisions made was to ensure that the media didn't out the true fate of Mitikas, and therefore continued to feed the public the belief that Mitikas was still fighting a civil war.





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