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Natalia Grace

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameNatalia Emily Jane Grace
Date of Birth1st April 2587
Age30 (HOTK)
30 (TTS)
37 (AOTS)
AffiliationIndependent Nations
RoleISS Intelligence Officer
UNF Cratos crew member (AOTS)

Natalia Grace serves as an agent working for the IWC Secret Service.


Early Life

After joining the ISS in her early 20s, Natalia spent many years performing espionage within Imperial space. The data gathering that she performed during her assignments was of great value of the Confederation - Independent World alliance.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Natalia was charged with returning to Imperial space and fulfilling two main objectives - The destruction of enemy targets and further information gathering. Whilst she was aware of the strength of the enemy forces, she and her team still underestimated what they would be going up against and she escaped as the soul survivor of the operation.

She subsequently spent several weeks drifting in an escape pod in Iliad, an evacuated Independent World system, close to the Imperial border. She was eventually rescued by Cratos, that was sweeping the system to check that it had truly been abandoned.

The correlated reports that Natalia had been entrusted with went on to become known as The Grace Report.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Natalia was part of a team that was fighting against the Pandoran soldiers that had invaded Mythos. When her team were lured into a trap in Eastfields Park, her commanding officer told her to escape. Discarding her rifle, she escaped up a tree and waited until the enemy had left, before coming back down.

Intending to escape using a Sabretooth recon vehicle, she fought whom she believed might be a Pandoran soldier come to investigate it, later discovering them to be Simon Dodds. The two then began making their way to the north of the city in the vehicle, before they were attacked by a group of Pandorans they encountered on the way. Fearing that Dodds had been killed when the Sabretooth went over, Natalia escaped to safety, though she started back later to look for him.

Natalia told Dodds a lot about herself when the two rested for the evening, in turn asking him a lot about his life in the navy and what he had done before joining. As the two slept, she heard Dodds mention Estelle's name a few times and questioned him about it in the morning. She said nothing further on the subject, however.

Upon finding Estelle and Chaz, Natalia and Estelle became somewhat confrontational towards one another, Estelle shocked to discover that the two had spent the night together. Natalia herself was then very shocked to discover that Dodds was one of the ATAF pilots, after James Potter recognised his name.

After rescuing Kelly and Enrique, Natalia confessed that she hadn't been entirely truthful with Dodds as to the nature of either the Pandoran soldiers or the ATAFs. Elliott Parks grew angry with her when he realised that she was about to reveal the truth behind the origins of the soldiers, what had happened to the Mitikas Empire and the true intentions of Operation Sudarberg. After Chaz stepped in to defend the woman, Natalia went on to reveal the truth, further angering Parks.

Natalia departed the group on the coast, joining James Potter's unit and wishing the Knights well. It became clear that Natalia and Parks did not share a good relationship together, and it appeared to run deeper than just the revelations of Sudarberg in the APC.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Natalia finished working as an intelligence officer after the incident on Mythos and was absorbed into the UNF. She served aboard Cratos between 2617 and 2624, participating in Black Widow as one of the dreadnought's crew. She spent a year aboard Cratos when the ship attempted to flee the Adetton system, but was knocked out of jump by pursuing Pandoran fighters. The ship reverted to normal space a twelve month journey from the edge of the system and navigation buoy range.

Natalia came with Cratos to the Kethlan system, searching for Zackaria and hoping to speak to him. She came aboard Griffin to discuss the recent discoveries, as well as the battle at Alpha Centauri. Despite Parks' reservations to her presence, she actually noticed that the Pandoran fighters at the battle around Sky were not flying as well as they once had and even pointed out that four had been shot down by friendly fire.

She stayed aboard Griffin when the rest of her team returned to Cratos, meeting Dodds and Griffin's bar and catching up with him, speaking about Black Widow and the progress of the war. Natalia revealed that her mother and partner, Callum Stephenson, fled the inhabited and charted systems, and took their chances in hibernation, hoping to return when the war was over. Natalia did not hold out much hope for them (and did not care, either). As Dodds and Natalia continued to speak, Natalia was discovered by Griffin's security and confined to the brig, on Parks' orders.

Arriving at Sol, Natalia was greeted with hostility from Estelle, who wanted her to keep as far away from Dodds as possible. Later, Natalia noticed in a strategy meeting how the sickness affecting the Pandoran soldiers was also affecting Zackaria, noting that the man had caught a cold on Kethlan, something that others failed to pick up on. Parks was briefly impressed, but did not openly praise her.

Natalia assisted Parks in the hijacking of Cratos to get the White Knights to HD 21563010, in search of the Elpis' Gift and the prototype TSB, working with the crew aboard the dreadnought to discover its status. Parks took her along with the White Knights, telling her to go ahead of the group and reassure the crew that Parks and the Knights were not threatening their lives. However, once aboard the ship Parks ordered her to stand aside and not involve herself in any further part of the mission.

With her help not wanted, Natalia went to Cratos' hanger, where her escape pod had been picked up in June 2617, for some time alone. Dodds found her there, and Natalia confessed to him that Parks was disappointed with her performance and professional conduct over the past few years and did not trust her. She had made an effort to work harder, but found it increasingly difficult.

Later, she confessed to Dodds that she had abandoned her unit on Mythos, running away when the Pandoran forces had attacked. She had done the same thing to Dodds when the Sabretooth the two had been travelling in had crashed, thinking that he was dead. Though Parks had forbidden it, Natalia was keen to join the team on the Elpis' Gift and make up for her past behaviour. Dodds shared his own past with her and then promised to vouch for her presence on the Elpis.

Natalia teamed up with Dodds and Estelle on the Elpis' Gift to fight against the invading Pandoran soldiers. During a battle in one of the freighter's corridors, she was blinded and deafened by a highly potent flashbang. Though she escaped from the Elpis alive, she was left permanently blinded in her right eye.

Dodds cared for Natalia in the run-up to the Pandorans' invasion of Sol, helping her to the team's final meal together and later escorting her to her quarters. Natalia comforted Dodds when he began to feel down about the deaths of Poppy Castro and Stefan Pitt, telling him that what was important was not what he had done in the past, but what he was doing in the present, and what he would be doing in the future. The two made love and Natalia remained aboard the station as the Pandoran fleet arrived.

Following the conclusion of the war, Natalia married Dodds and moved to Earth with him, living on the Dodds Orchard. She regained the sight in her left eye, but her right remained blind. She took to wearing an eye patch, claiming herself now to be the villain persona to her former intelligence officer one. She had three children with Dodds, two girls and one boy.


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