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Kelly Taylor

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameKelly Andrea Taylor
Date of Birth4th August 2588
Age28 (HOTK)
29 (TTS)
36 (AOTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
Rank2nd Lieutenant (HOTK)
1st Lieutenant (TTS)
Commander (AOTS)
RoleStarfighter Pilot
SquadronWhite Knights

The eldest daughter and heiress to the family owned Gloucester Enterprises trading business, Kelly stunned her family, friends and the media when she announced her intentions to join the CSN. She insisted on no special treatment because of her status and notoriety, and was subsequently given none.


Early Life

Kelly met Estelle de Winter during her time at the academy who took under her wing, helping her through the difficult first few months. She soon proved herself to be a natural starfighter pilot, her skills surprising even her. In order to inspire others to achieve their maximum potential she keeps a digital journal of her experiences. Kelly is very close to all the White Knights, seeing them as her extended family, though none more so than Enrique Todd.

She does, however, have a habit of forgetting herself from time to time, a fault that some has attributed to her past, telling her she still acts just like her sisters.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with her fellow wingmates, Kelly became involved in the ATAF project, being transferred to Xalan to undergo evaluations in the piloting of the starfighter.

After being transferred to Temper she shot down two Darts whilst patrolling the system. The Dart pilots turned out to be civilians who were fleeing their nation's civil war.

During Operation Menelaus, she was involved in a head-on collision with an Imperial Sphinx, whilst piloting one of the ATAF. The Sphinx was destroyed in the collision, and whilst the ATAF itself suffered no damage, Kelly suffered a concussion that knocked her out for several minutes.

Later, in the Phylent system, she came across a freighter which she identified as belonging to Gloucester Enterprises. Its presence was unusual since the Mitikas Empire had never permitted the family business (nor any other Confederate stellar business) to operate within their space. After confessing to her wingmates that she had seen people aboard, she dismissed the sighting as a result of the concussion she suffered earlier.

Kelly was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant following Griffin and Ifrit's successful return to Spirit.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with her fellow wingmates, Kelly was en-route to the Solaris system when CSN Ifrit was ambushed in jump by a Pandoran force. After the invaders forced the carrier from jump, the White Knights were evacuated to the surface of Mythos, to the city of New Malaga. Kelly safely made the journey to the surface of Mythos, along with her evac partner, Blake Harris. After ditching in the Tanis Sea, she swam to the shore and met up with Enrique. The group were subsequently attacked by a detachment of Pandoran soldiers who had seen Ifrit and the sleds come down. Leading the attack was Julian Rissard, who took both Kelly and Enrique to a disused mental facility for interrogation.

Kelly was tortured by Rissard, who demanded to know both the location of the ATAFs and the Tachyon Star Bombs, the latter something that Kelly had never heard of. After Enrique betrayed the location of the ATAFs in order to save Kelly's life, both she and Enrique were held in a cell until the ATAFs were located and she was made to pilot them to assist the Mission. During that time, Kelly considered taking her own life, certain that Enrique was going to die from the beating he was given by Julian Rissard and making use of two suicide pills that were secreted within a pendent that her father had given her. She chose not to when she discovered that Enrique was still alive and finally admitted her feelings for the man.

Both she and Enrique were eventually rescued by the Mythos Territorial Guard, who had picked up a weak transmission being broadcast by Kelly's pendent. She volunteered for Operation Sudarberg after learning the truth behind the origin of the Pandorans, the true intentions of the ATAFs, and after Enrique told Dodds that he was assist him in the mission.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Kelly continued to maintain her journal in the seven years following the Pandoran's push beyond Mitikas, noting down all manner of information. She unofficially began calling the conflict "The Pandoran War", a name that was late officially adopted.

Kelly lost her immediate family on August 24th, 2622, during the evacuation of the Rex system. She was charged with protecting a number of evacuees from the system, who were heading for Gabriel. A surprise attack by the Enemy on Gabriel and Rex ended with the Calypso's Fancy, the vessel transporting her family, being destroyed.

She remained in Confederation space with Estelle when Dodds, Enrique and Chaz headed to Imperial space to combat the Pandoran fleet directly. She assisted a great with evacuations and crowd control during that time, to minimise the in-fighting that was occurring throughout the allied forces. As she worked, she started to note down the names of unusual vessels to amuse herself and her team-mates, her father telling her of a vessel known as the Elpis' Gift.

In late 2624, she was assisting the evacuation of Alpha Centauri when a group of evacuees attacked the jumpgate at Sky, sealing off the escape route for all non-jump-capable vessels in the system. Kelly made an effort to save as many people as she could when the Pandoran forces arrived, but was unable to save everyone. Upon fleeing the system, she saved Kurt Camden, a UNF starfighter pilot, towing him into a jump point when his Firefly became stranded. Camden warned Kelly and Estelle later of the negative sentiments harboured by many of those in the allied forces towards the ATAF pilots, and Kelly and Estelle were subsequently attacked by a group of frustrated people when they arrived back in Sol.

Following the theft of the allied forces' last remaining nuclear armaments, Natalia suggested that a suitable replacement for them might be the prototype TSB, but the weapon had not been seen in many years. It had been stowed safely away on a Gloucester Enterprises vessel and moved to an unknown location.

Kelly dreamed later of being reunited with her family, who told her that she wrote about hope in her journals and that she should go in search of hope, to bring it to others. Kelly realised that she noted down the information about the Elpis' Gift (Elpis being the Greek goddess of hope) in her journals and knows where to find the ship. Informing Parks, the group hijacked UNF Cratos and travelled to the HD 21563010 system, to look for the TSB.

On the Elpis, Kelly teamed up with Enrique to head to the rear cargo container, to look for the TSB. They found the weapon there, but were attacked by a group of Pandoran soldiers who had invaded the ship. Defeating the soldiers, aided by the other White Knights, Kelly took the lead in escorting the bomb off the freighter and back to the shuttle. She became separated from the group when a fire door came down. She was subsequently caught by Julian Rissard, who had come aboard from INF Chimera.

Rissard took Kelly back to the rear cargo container, where he used her as bait to lure the others Knights back, hoping to find out what was in the weapon crate they were transporting. Enrique came to Kelly's rescue, managing to get her away from Rissard when a jolt threw the three off their feet. Kelly fled back to the shuttle while Enrique fought and killed Rissard.

Kelly remained confident that the allies would emerge victorious over the Pandoran forces, despite everything that had happened, telling them repeatily that they were going to win. She laughed at the war's conclusion, after Dragon had been destroyed, that she had told them so.

Following the conclusion of the war, Kelly married Enrique in Italy, before moving to Ireland, to be close to Dodds, Natalia and Estelle. She gave birth to two twin girls, naming them Susan and Gemma after the aunts they never had the chance to meet.


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