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The Dart is a very common, general purpose vessel that is used commonly by both the public and by the underworld. Because of its relatively low costs and ease of maintenance, it is highly favoured by criminal organisations.

The full, unrestricted design of the Dart was made public by designer Isaac Methopolises from the day of its first release. It proved immediately popular with a number of hobbyists and enthusiasts making modification, improvements and adding features to it from the outset.

It is usually sold as a single-seat, unarmed vessel, but can be purchased in a great variety of modified states, including that with an extra seat and with a number of armaments; missiles usually being attached to the tips of each of the four fins.

Even so the vessel can only be modified so far, and is generally poorly armoured and shielded, with only those with truly intimate knowledge of starship construction and determination able to exploit the design to its full potential.









1. Armaments listed are typical of many Dart variants, but will vary widely.



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