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A sled is a small type of CSN escape vessel, usually found on larger warships. It features a cigar-shaped body, like that of a bobsleigh. A single sled can only seat two passengers, one in front of the other. They were primarily designed for evacuation into space, but were later modified to allow for re-entry into a planet's atmosphere. Small, serviceable wings can be deployed to aid with flight. Even so, the CSN advises against using the craft for planetary drops, as they have been known to suffer from malfunctions.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Sleds were used by the White Knights when Ifrit was shot down by Pandoran forces, during the invasion of Coyote. The team, along with their escorts, took several sleds down to the surface of Mythos. Of the five sleds that were launched:

  • Kelly Taylor ditched successfully in the Tanis Sea.
  • Enrique Todd ditched successfully in the Tanis Sea.
  • Estelle de Winter and Chaz Koonan came down in Eastfields Park, after their sled's heat shield became stuck following a collision with another object, forcing Estelle to navigate for a time using the navicom alone. She was eventually able to lower the shield, but had moved significantly off course.
  • Simon Dodds lost rudder control and subsequently throttle during his descent, forcing him to glide the sled to a crash landing.

Though Estelle and Chaz suffered difficulties with their sled, Dodds' sled was actually the only one that failed due to a genuine malfunction.







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