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Chaz Koonan

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameChaz Francis Koonan
Date of Birth31st December 2578
Age38 (HOTK)
38 (TTS)
45 (AOTS)
EthnicityAfrican American
AffiliationHelios Confederation
Rank2nd Lieutenant (HOTK)
1st Lieutenant (TTS)
Commander (AOTS)
RoleStarfighter Pilot
SquadronCopper Beetles (Previous)
White Knights

A silent and often moody man, Chaz prefers to keep to himself. Unlike the other White Knights, Chaz has only known his wing mates for a few months. He was assigned to the White Knights by Elliott Parks, to replace a second lost wing mate.


Early Life

He makes little effort to get on with or get to know his fellow Knights, forming only a small bond with Enrique Todd thanks to their similar interests in contact sports. The two often train and practice together, but Chaz still remains withdrawn and not forthcoming with any details about his past, only to say that he used to pilot interplanetary shuttles before joining the CSN.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Chaz surprised his other team mates when he demonstrated a strong disliking of Elliott Parks, the first such occurrence being during the group's re-assignment to border patrol around the Temper system. At that point the other Knights suspected that there was a lot more to the two men's relationship that might otherwise appear.

Though he remained somewhat withdrawn, he went on to demonstrate intimate knowledge of starfighters and battleships, such as Dragon, briefing the flight groups on what they could expect during the commencement of Operation Menelaus.

Chaz ultimately went on to save the White Knights' lives when he helped them to escape from Arlos starport after retrieving the ATAF plans from CSS agent Clare Barber. It became apparent that Barber and Chaz might also share a past together.

Chaz was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant following Griffin and Ifrit's successful return to Spirit.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with his fellow wingmates, Chaz was en-route to the Solaris system when CSN Ifrit was ambushed in jump by a Pandoran force. After the invaders forced the carrier from jump, the White Knights were evacuated to the surface of Mythos, to the city of New Malaga. Chaz made the journey to the surface of Mythos along with Estelle de Winter. Their sled suffered a mechanical failure when it was performing re-entry into the planet's atmosphere and eventually crashed in a park. Chaz dislocated his shoulder during the event, but quickly reset it.

He guided Estelle through the city to the coast, stopping briefly at a broadcast house for a news station known as Cielo, to attempt to establish communications with the CSN. Chaz revealed himself to be a spy, working for the Confederation Secret Service, having been in their service for a number of years before joining the White Knights.

He saved Estelle's life during the battle of Hunter's Square, preventing her from being crushed under a pile of falling rubble. During the battle, he displayed great prowess with a plasma rifle, preventing the Mythos Territorial Guard from being overrun when he overcharged the weapon, to discharge its remaining output in a single shot.

He later revealed that, not only was he married (to Vanessa Koonan), but he was a father to one boy named Matthew, with his second son (Luke) due within months. He had never joined the CSS willingly, having been coerced into doing so after being caught selling black market good by the CSN. He spent several years working as an intelligence officer in the Mitikas Empire, gathering data on the fallout between the Crown Emperor and the Senate, being one of the first to learn about the super soldiers who would go on to become known as the Pandoran army. During that time, he worked extensively with Claire Barber, as well as having irregular contact with Natalia Grace.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

During the seven years following on from the Pandoran's push beyond Mitikas, Chaz came out of his shell, speaking a lot more. He remained moody, however, continuing to blame Parks for his life of separation from his family.

During Black Widow, Chaz fought alongside Dodds to protect CSN Leviathan as it jumped out of the Adetton system. Both men survived, but they were forced to fight a dangerous battle in jump space against a group of Pandoran fighters that had chased them into the point.

In late 2624, Chaz went with Dodds, Enrique and Parks to the core Imperial systems, to help in the search for Zackaria, in hopes of ending the war before the human race was wiped out for good. Parks reluctantly made him both the flight leader of the White Knights and a squad leader for the descent to the surface of Kethlan, to the capital city Capitis Duname, due to his prior experiences of the Empire.

Chaz led Dodds and Enrique first to the Imperial Pantheon and then to the Forum, where the Imperial Senate had once convened. There, Dodds discovered a control room that was still operational and Chaz made use his knowledge of Imperial dialects and languages to search for evidence of Zackaria's visitation. He discovered that someone had recently been using the very same system to attempt to contact the Imperial Senate, before it was confirmed to him by a dying Pandoran soldier, Tim, that Zackaria had been here not long before Dodds, Chaz and Enrique had arrived.

Finding Zackaria, Chaz attempted to talk to him, reminding the admiral of his time on Kethlan and how he, Barber and Natalia had been arrested on spying charges. Zackaria had urged the three to leave before the situation got out of hand, but Chaz had insisted on helping to fight the Enemy and together they would toast their victory. Zackaria did not listen to Chaz, only interested in speaking to Dodds. When Dodds failed to convince Zackaria of his good will (and stumbling over his own arguments to the man), Zackaria ordered his bodyguards to kill Enrique and Chaz. Feeling that he was a far better speaker than Dodds, Chaz had Dodds speak his own words of reason, almost succeeding in drawing Zackaria away from the control of the nanomachines. Zackaria escaped when a group of malfunctioning Pandoran soldiers attacked the group.

Returning to Sol, Chaz watched a video message from his wife and children in his shared quarters on Griffin, unaware that Dodds was awake and could hear it. Chaz wept at the words, but later made an excuse to Dodds that he had caught a cold on Kethlan.

Chaz travelled with the rest of his team, Parks, Natalia, Weathers and Liu to HD 21563010, in search of Elips' Gift and the prototype TSB. Chaz confessed to Dodds there that he still did not get on with Parks, but was considering whether the man had actually done him a favour by giving him the skills he needed to survive the war. Otherwise, he may have lost his life during the Great Panic.

Parks ordered Chaz to join him on the Elpis' bridge to help search the ship's logs and manifest for evidence of the TSB. Chaz discovered that the TSB was stored in the rear container of the freighter and that the Elpis was also stocked full of high-yield weaponry.

As the Pandoran soldiers began invader the ship, Chaz fought to keep them away from the bridge so that Parks could concentrate on guiding the vessel back to Cratos and the team could escape. Once the TSB had been acquired, Chaz and Parks attempted to escape back to the main shuttle, but not before Parks was fatally wounded. Parks ordered Chaz to return him to the bridge, before telling him to escape on his own. Chaz told Parks then that he hated him, though he did not blame him for everything that he had done. He escaped back to Cratos with the rest of the White Knights, keeping Dodds from returning to the Elpis to help Parks, who had sealed himself on the freighter's bridge.

Vanessa, Luke and Matthew turned up to the White Knights final meal together, the first time that Chaz had seen them in many years. His youngest son, Luke, was initially scared of him, but was convinced by his older brother not to be.

Chaz fought alongside him team-mates during the final battle against the Pandoran forces at they invaded Sol, assisting Dodds with the deployment of the TSB when Dodds boarded Dragon.

As with the other White Knights, Chaz landed at Earth Orbital One after Zackaria's Sphinx crashed into the gardens there. Now dying, the admiral recognised Chaz and apologised to him that he would be having the victory drink on his own. Chaz offered to raise a glass for Zackaria in his absence.

Chaz quit the CSN as soon as the war was officially declared over, disappearing with his family. He returned to piloting shuttles, under an assumed identity. He kept in contact with his old team-mates, though never disclosed his location.


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