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Battle of Hunter's Square

The Battle of Hunter's Square was an engagement fought between the Mythos Territorial Guard and Pandoran forces in later 2617. It took place in Hunter's Square, in New Malaga, on the planet Mythos.


Event Details [Toggle Spoilers]

In December 2617, MTG and Pandoran forces engaged in a battle in Hunter's Square.

The initial engagement was fought by foot soldiers, with little to no vehicular assistance. John Stafford led the battle for the MTG, moving up from positions in the approaching streets to the actual square itself. The battle was notable as it was the first time that the Pandoran soldiers were seen making use of portable shields, taking the form of an oval apparatus attached to their right arms. After what appeared to be an initial victory by the MTG, the enemy soldiers lured them into the main square where they were ambushed by a number of the shield bearers. The enemy were defeated and driven away when Stafford used a mag grenade against them, nullifying both their shields and the nanomachines that resided in their bodies.

The second wave of attacks came only a few hours later, when the Pandorans returned with stronger numbers, and were also aided by a Spider and a number of Skybikes. The Skybikes supported the ground teams by dropping bombs on the MTG, while more shield bearers and the Spider advanced the attack into the square. The MTG's own limited hardware resources - two tanks that were lacking in munitions - were destroyed by the Spider after they themselves had crushed the Pandoran shield bearers.

The battle eventually ended in the early morning, when a CSN lander came down over the square and directed a plasma accelerator at close range against the attacking forces.






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