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Capitis Duname

Capitis Duname is the capital city of the planet Kethlan, and where the Imperial Palace, Pantheon and Forum (before its relocation to Hyanik) are located. The Pantheon is home to the Chamber of the Great Servant.

As well as these three notable buildings, the city is also home to several other major landmarks, including the Shard and the Pinnacles (of which there are six). The Lyle river also runs through the capital.






The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Simon Dodds, Enrique Todd and Chaz Koonan visited the city whilst searching for Jason Zackaria. They discovered that the Pandoran soldiers on the surface were fighting a turf war around the palace, and seeking to take control of various other parts of the city (for what reason was unclear).

Much of the power was out the city and most of the buildings have been ravaged by war. As expected, none of the original citizens were could alive. The three discovered that the Imperial Senate (or perhaps the Pandorans themselves) had torn down Adam Lorenzo's statue, leaving the Chamber of the Great Servant empty. The reason for doing so, Chaz believed, was because they thought he had brought shame and dishonour on the empire by granting independence to some of the star systems under its rule.

Tim Leadbetter was also discovered in a bunker beneath the Forum.






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