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Tim Leadbetter

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameTimothy Hugh Leadbetter
Date of Birth13th June 2597
Date of Death24th December 2624
Age27 (AOTS)
AffiliationMitikas Empire
Imperial Senate (Pandoran)
ProfessionSchool teacher
Soldier (Pandoran)

Tim Leadbetter was a school teacher from the former Mitikas Empire.






The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Tim was absorbed into the Pandoran army during the overthrow of the Mitikas Empire, and spent the best part of the next decade fighting on behalf of the Pandorans' campaign.

In late 2624, he was selected to form part of Jason Zackaria's escort from the Pandoran frontline back to Mitikas space, travelling aboard the admiral's shuttle. Due to the nanomachines breaking down inside him, Tim was only able to make the journey to the signal and comms room in the bunker below the Forum. He collapsed there and was abandoned by the escort team, Simon Dodds finding him several hours later.

With the nanomachines having lost control of Tim, the man was able to think for himself once again. Certain traits had carried over, however, such as the man's sudden ability to speak English (which he hadn't been able to do before). Tim told Dodds, Enrique and Chaz about what he had seen happen to the other soldiers that had been forcibly added to the Pandoran army, and of how Zackaria made regular return trips to Kethlan, searching for the Senate and what his instructions would be following the sacking of Sol.

Tim became less able to concentrate and talk in the short period the White Knights found him (he was already dying as a result of the nanomachines' attacks on his internal organs, his face gaunt, his body oddly fat). He became slowly delusional until he abruptly died. Before he did so, he was able to tell Chaz that Zackaria's shuttle had put down near 'the Pinnacle', allowing the drop teams to locate the Imperial admiral.


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