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Julian Rissard

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameJulian Samuel Rissard
Date of Birth16th February 2572
Date of Death25th December 2624
Age45 (HOTK)
45 (TTS)
52 (AOTS)
AffiliationImperial Naval Forces

Julian Rissard holds the rank of Commodore within the Imperial Naval Forces.


Early Life

During the commencement of the Imperial Civil War, Rissard spent many years acting as Jason Zackaria's second in command.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Rissard continued to work alongside Zackaria during much of early 2617. After Zackaria went with Anthony Hawke aboard Ifrit to destroy Griffin, Rissard took over command of Dragon.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Julian Rissard went to Orca Beach with a detachment of Pandoran soldiers to intercept the evacuees from Ifrit, in anticipation of finding the White Knights amongst them. Kelly Taylor and Enrique Todd were discovered on the beach, though the other three were nowhere to be found. Satisfied that he had all that he was after, Rissard shot security chief Cole and had a number of survivors from Ifrit killed. He then ordered that a handful of Ifrit's evacuees be taken a holding facility to act as test subjects.

To discover the whereabouts of the ATAFs, the other White Knights and the Tachyon Star Bombs, Rissard took Enrique from the cell he had locked him and Kelly in and began beating him. When Enrique refused to talk, Rissard ordered that Kelly join him in the adhoc torture room. After inflicting a number of forms of torture on the woman, Enrique finally gave Rissard the information he was after when he threatened to cut out Kelly's eye.

He was enraged by Enrique when the pilot accused him of being a coward and only picking on the weak. It was enough to cause Rissard to challenge him to a fight, one which he ultimately lost. Enraged further, Rissard then had Enrique restrained so that he could beat the pilot without mercy. He later returned Enrique to his cell, beaten half to death.

For his actions Rissard was given a dressing down by Jason Zackaria, who was displeased with how he had treated the two captive Knights. Zackaria ultimately planned to have the White Knights join the frontline Pandoran forces, flying the ATAFs in support of the Mission. Even so, Rissard seemed to hold grievances against Enrique.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Rissard continued to act as Zackaria's second-in-command during the Pandorans' push beyond Mitikas, captaining Chimera during that time.

In late 2624, he took Chimera to pursue Cratos when the vessel jumped out of Sol. He chased the dreadnought to HD 21563010 Ab and boarded the Elpis' Gift, along with a detachment of Pandoran soldiers. He captured Kelly Taylor when she became separated from the rest of the White Knights and used her to lure the other members of the team back, wanting to find out what was in the container they had taken from the ship.

Enrique came in search of Kelly, Rissard threatening to kill Kelly if he did not reveal what was in the weapon container. Rissard lost his gun when the Elpis gave a sudden lurch and Kelly managed to escape. Rissard initially hid from Enrique, as Enrique attempted to shoot him down. He then parted Enrique from his weapon and chose to face him in hand-to-hand combat, continuing the fight that had begun on Mythos in 2617.

Rissard was not suffering as badly from the ill-effects of the nanomachines breaking down as the regular Pandoran soldiers and even Zackaria, and fought a fairly even better against Enrique, breaking one of the man's ribs and causing him to lose a tooth. Rissard was struck several times in the face with a wrench that Enrique had acquired, but it did not cause him any lasting damage; the nanomachines repaired the injuries rapidly.

Rissard was eventually killed when Enrique activated two grenades that were affixed to Rissard's belt. Enrique feinted surrender for long enough to allow the grenades' timers to peak, giving Rissard no chance to either deactivate them or discard them before they went off.


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