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Chimera is an Imperial starfighter carrier, and the most advanced Cobra-class vessel in existence.

Technically a Cobra-C carrier by way of design, Chimera is almost twice the length of the next largest carrier, Griffin, and is superior in almost every aspect: Faster, better armed, and better shielded and armoured. It was also introduced barely two years after Griffin's maiden voyage.

It has seen significant action in recent years, owing to its involvement in the Imperial Civil War.

It is said to be captained by Julian Rissard and Jason Zackaria.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Chimera was one of the first former-Imperial carriers to arrive at the Coyote system and was largely responsible for taking down Ifrit. It was captained by Anthony Hawke during the invasion.


The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

From 2617 to 2624, Chimera remained one of the most formidable and powerful capital ships in the Pandorans' fleet. It was captained by Julian Rissard during the Pandorans' push beyond Mitikas space.

The carrier escaped phase one of Black Widow, holding back from jumping into the Temper system. It later formed part of the ambush that met the allied forces in the Adetton system, taking down a number of the allies' warships. It engaged Griffin directly, aiming a plasma accelerator at the carrier's bridge and shattering the frontal viewport. Griffin escaped before Chimera could deal it any further damage.

In late 2624, Chimera was involved in an engagement in Alpha Centauri, helping Dragon to push forward to Sky, so that the battleship could destroy the planet. Later, Rissard took the carrier in pursuit of Cratos when the dreadnought jumped out of Sol, heading for the HD 21563010 system. It despatched a number of starfighters to attack the dreadnought, as well as firing on it directly with its plasma accelerator array. The Elpis was low in HD 21563010 Ab's atmosphere, preventing the Imperial carrier was moving in took close.

The carrier was destroyed when Elliott Parks rammed the Elpis' Gift into it. The Elpis' Gift was stocked full of high yield weaponry, including nuclear and atomic armaments, giving Chimera no hope of survival.






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