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Anthony Hawke

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameAnthony Scott Hawke
Date of Birth15th April 2569
Date of Death (presumed)13th June 2617
Date of Death (actual)19th December 2617
Age48 (HOTK)
48 (TTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
Imperial Naval Forces (TTS)

Anthony Hawke is an CSN officer. As of 2617, he holds the rank of commodore.


Early Life

Hawke joined the CSN at an early age and spent most of his life climbing the ranks to become one of the most recognised and well known commodores within the Navy.

An often cold and serious man, he makes no secret of his dislike for many of those within the CSN. He took an immediate dislike to both Simon Dodds and Estelle de Winter in their first week at the academy, the former for being too cocky and sure of himself, the latter for being too head strong.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Anthony Hawke was captaining Dragon when it was boarded and stolen by unidentified forces. He was discovered floating alone in Independent World space a few weeks following the battleship's theft. Hawke explained how he had awoke in an escape pod, presumably ejected by his crew who had sought to save his life. He was in a poor state of health: dehydrated, malnourished and suffering from physical assault. Even so, he still managed to return to activate service within just a few days.

He was fully against Simon Dodds' reinstatement in to the CSN, stating that the pilot's regular insubordination made him a danger to himself, others around him, and the good reputation of the CSN.

Along with Elliott Parks and Aiden Meyers, Hawke took part in Operation Menelaus, captaining Ifrit for the duration of the operation. After Griffin's mysterious disappearance during a mis-jump, Hawke met with Imperial forces and turned control of Ifrit over to Jason Zackaria.

Together with Zackaria, he took Ifrit to rendezvous with Griffin in the Phylent system, before preparing to destroy it. His attempt was thwarted by Parks and during the proceeding battle, both he and Zackaria were spaced from Ifrit's bridge when Dodds directly attacked it.

He was declared K.I.A. as of June 13th, 2617.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Following his death and considering why he had turned traitor, Elliott Parks and David Turner heavily investigated Hawke's past. At first believing him to be a born and raised citizen of Helios, they finally uncovered a discrepancy that indicated that he was actually a refugee of a former independent world that had been swallowed up by the Mitikas Empire. He had therefore been susceptible to the Senate's Mistake. It was not believed, however, that he had survived being spaced from Ifrit during the battle at Phylent.

Hawke was discovered to be alive during the invasion of Mythos, in command of the Imperial starfighter carrier Chimera. He held a very brief exchange with Elliott Parks when the man entered the Coyote star system, calling for his immediate surrender. He had discarded his CSN uniform, now wearing the colours belonging to the Imperial Naval Forces.

Hawke was amongst the Pandoran invaders that boarded Grendel's Mother, intent on taking control of the carrier. He encountered James Potter and Elliott Parks as he made his way through the ship, killing Potter by breaking his neck. He was shot across the face by Parks, though due to his infection the injury healed fast. He broke Parks' arm and knocked him nearly unconscious, before he was interrupted by Sima Mandeep who attacked him with a fire axe. After striking him several times about the torso, she finally beheaded him.




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