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Gloucester Enterprises

A highly successful galactic trading company, owned by the Taylor Family. It operates a fleet of craft that transport all manner of commodities through the galaxy; everything from personnel packages, to equipment and materials required to create megastructures.

The company is family owned and will one day become property of Kelly Taylor, eldest daughter of Aaron Taylor and Barbara Taylor.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

While in the Phylent system, Kelly Taylor recognised a freighter (GCTV-942-GE-00834#LBB) berthed outside Arlos starport as a ship belonging to Gloucester Enterprises. Its presence in the system (not least of all in Imperial space at all) was unusual, as the firm had never been granted a trading permit to operate within Mitikas. The reason for its being there was never fully confirmed, although Kelly suspected that it was being used to ferry refugees out of the system and that it was possible that Aaron Taylor was somehow involved.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

In December 2617, Kelly Taylor questioned her father as to the reason why the freighter had been in Imperial space. He dodged the question, repeating the fact that Gloucester Enterprises had never been granted a license to trade within the empire and that it was likely that Kelly was seeing things.

Despite this, Gloucester Enterprise had had most of their vessels acquired by the Helios-Independent alliance, to ensure that as many people as possible could be evacuated from star systems bordering Mitikas, before Operation Sudarberg was set in motion. Aaron Taylor was quite aware of what was happening, but had been forbidden from speaking of it.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

As the Pandoran war escalated, the CSN compulsory purchased a great deal of the corporation's ships, to help with the war effort. A number of these ships were re-branded (most notably the Elpis' Gift, which became The Journey Man, and later XXX-118-GE-01991#JM).

Following the death of Aaron Taylor, ownership of Gloucester Enterprises moved to Kelly Taylor. Taylor dissolved the company at the end of the war, earning a substantial amount of money from the sales. She said that the assets were of no use to her and that others could do more with them. The company also held far too many memories for her at that point, and she wished to move away from it.





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