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Aaron Taylor

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameAaron Taylor
Date of Birth17th March 2556
Date of Death24th August 2622
Age61 (TTS)
68 (AOTS)
AffiliationTaylor Family

Aaron Taylor is the father of Kelly Taylor and the owner and CEO of Gloucester Enterprises. He is married to Barbara Taylor.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Speaking to her in early December 2617, Aaron Taylor was keen for his daughter to end her career in the navy and return home. Being the first time that she had had a face to face talk with him for quite some time, Kelly began to question him on why she had seen La Brabena Bella (otherwise known as GCTV-942-GE-00834#LBB) berthed outside Arlos Starport (Gloucester Enterprises being forbidden from operating in Imperial space, due to a veto by the Imperial Senate).

Sensing that Kelly could discover that Gloucester Enterprises had been working with the CSN and UNF, Aaron was quick to skirt around the subject, though he exposed his supposed ignorance by touching at his face (a sign to Kelly that he was lying).

Aaron did not elaborate entirely that he was aware of the Pandoran army or the true fate of the Mitikas Empire, though he hinted at it by making a reference to zombies.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

When the Pandoran fleet began to invade the Helios Confederation, the Taylor family evacuated their home and began to move deeper into the inner star systems. Stationed at Rex, the family (including Susan and Gemma's fiancées) were aboard a private vessel known as The Calypso's Fancy.

Their escape route from the Rex system to Gabriel was cut off when the Pandorans attacked Gabriel. A Pandoran squadron next attacked Rex itself, killing all the colonists there that were attempting to flee. Despite Kelly Taylor's efforts, the Calypso's Fancy was destroyed in a starfighter assault, killing all those aboard.

Two years later, Aaron came to Kelly in a dream in 25th December 2624, telling her that she knew where the Elpis' Gift (and subsequently the prototype Tachyon Star Bomb) had been taken, since she had written about it in her journal. Aaron was the only member of the family to speak at any length during Kelly's dream and assured her that victory was at hand and that she need only find hope.


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