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GCTV-942-GE-00834#LBB is a freighter, used to transport cargo across space.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

GCTV-942-GE-00834#LBB was moored outside Arlos Starport and used a point of reference by the White Knights when they disembarked from their cloaked ATAFs. Kelly Taylor recognised the ship was actually belonging to Gloucester Enterprises (the original name being La Brabena Bella). It was being used to ship citizens of the Mitikas Empire out of Imperial space, to avoid them becoming resourced as part of the Pandoran army.







1. GCTV-942-GE-00834#LBB was known as "The Mayflower" in the first edition of Honour of the Knights.

2. The original name of the GE ship "La Brabena Bella" is a reference to the creators of the BBC Micro game Elite - David Braben and Ian Bell.



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