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Vincent Lovejoy

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameVincent Wolfgang Lovejoy
Date of Birth26th June 2566
Age58 (AOTS)
AffiliationUnited Naval Forces
RoleStarship Captain (UNF Cratos)

Vincent Lovejoy is a member of the United Naval Forces and captain of the dreadnought Cratos.






The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

As captain of Cratos, one of the allied forces' most powerful warships, Vincent Lovejoy fought primarily on the frontline against the Enemy during the Pandoran War.

In 2621, Lovejoy took part in phase two of Black Widow. Cratos survived the encounter in the Adetton system, but was attacked during jump by a number of Pandoran fighters that followed the warship as it attempted to exit the system. Cratos was forced out of jump one year from the edge of the Adetton system, and was not seen by the allies for over twelve months. Lovejoy was declared KIA from that point on, in order to facilitate some covert operations.

In late 2624, Lovejoy met Elliott Parks and his fleet in the Kethlan system, revealing that Cratos' destruction, as well as the loss of all hands, had been a ruse. He had come to the Kethlan system in search of Jason Zackaria, having worked out at the same time as Parks that the Imperial admiral would be returning to Mitikas space on a semi-regular basis, to hear of his future instructions. With Zackaria having already left the Kethlan system, Lovejoy recommended to Parks that the allies tow some of the abandoned vessels at Kethlan back to Sol, to shore up their own numbers.

After the theft of the allies' last remaining nuclear warheads, Lovejoy volunteered to go in search of the Prince of Midnight and HRH Little John, though he was unable to track them down. He finally took part in the Battle for the Solar System, resuming his command of Cratos after it was commandeered by Parks, who took the ship in search of the Elpis' Gift.


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