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Christopher Weathers

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameChristopher Martin Weathers
Date of Birth21st February 2605
Age19 (AOTS)
RoleConfederation Mobile Infantry

Christopher Weathers is a member of the Confederation Mobile Infantry, and the son of Karen Weathers.






The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Weathers was one of the members of the CMI selected to travel aboard the Goon Sunrise to Mitikas space, in search of Jason Zackaria.

Despite objections from his mother to Elliott Parks, Weathers joined the drop teams that headed to the surface of Kethlan, heading for Capitis Duname, chosen due to his exceptional marksmanship for his age. He fell under the command of Edie Thompson.

Whilst investigating the capital, he was caught up in an ambush by a number of Pandoran soldiers, losing his hand when he saved the life of a fellow team-mate. After the battle was over, Weathers' hand was found buried in snow nearby and he jokingly commented (once administered with morphine) that he might still be able to take up playing the piano. Doctors, however, were unable to reattach the hand, due to the damage caused by the plasma burns.


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