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Code Breaker

The Code Breaker is a private civilian vessel, used for intra-system transport.





The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

During the evacuation of Sky, the crew of the Code Breaker seized over fifty hostages from a starport. At first, it was unknown why the hostages had been taken, and the CSN believed that they wished to skip the queue waiting to use the jumpgate to exit the system, before the arrival of the Pandoran forces.

The crew of the Code Breaker later made it clear that they were against so many people taking refuge in Sol and only wanted the most privileged to be given sanctuary. The Code Breaker fired on and destroyed a TAF and a Ray that attempted to talk the ship down, before spacing some of the hostages.

With it unknown if all the hostages were dead, Kelly Taylor and Estelle de Winter attempted to disable the Code Breaker using their mag cannons. At the same time as the Breaker was disabled, the ship attempted to jump out of the system, causing temporal displacement to take place and leading to the vessel fluxing between dimensions.

Finally, the Code Breaker was inexplicably attracted to the active jumpgate, exploding as it came into range and destroying it.






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