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Yellow Dogs

The Yellow Dogs were a flight group within the Confederation Stellar Navy, made up of five pilots - Patrick Dean, Hugh Sanderson, Clinton Oliver, Nelson Winward and Cody Ferandez.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

The team of five were the original pilots of the ATAFs. However, around April 2617 the group uncovered the truth behind the Imperial Civil War and the purpose for which the ATAFs were constructed, and immediately went AWOL.

In response, acting Admiral of the Fleet, David Turner, ordered their immediate assassination. Four of the team were immediately dispatched, whilst the last, Patrick Dean, stole a Tactical Assault Fighter and fled to Earth. After being wounded during a run-in with naval personnel, he finally made it to the Dodds Orchard, where he died of respiratory failure.

The Yellow Dogs flight group has been officially retired, their flight records scrubbed and altered as needed.








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