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Sebastian Smith

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameSebastian Kilroy Smith
Date of Birth13th June 2589
Age28 (TTS)
AffiliationIndependent (Mythos)
RoleMythos Territorial Guard

Sebastian Smith is a member of the Mythos Territorial Guard. He is a rather heavy-set man and is nicknamed "Tank".



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Smith worked as a part of John Stafford's unit during the attack on New Malaga by Pandoran forces. He was one of four that survived a battle in the city's financial district (John Stafford, Kent Milligan, and Edie Thompson being the other three).

He took part in the battle of Hunter's Square, where he assisted James Potter with a rocket launcher to take down the advancing enemy soldiers. It is unknown whether or not he survived the battle.





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