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The Pandoran War is nearing its end... and the Senate's Mistake have all but won.

In the seven years following on from the Pandoran's push beyond the Mitikas Empire, the allied forces of the Helios Confederation and Independent worlds have fought a bitter series of unwinnable battles, being pushed back further and further as the enemy war machine continued its unrelenting assault against all those that opposed it.

And now, leaving a galaxy in ruin behind them, the Pandorans have set their sights on Sol, in preparation to finally complete the Mission.

All seems lost.

But then, in the final forty-eight hours of the war, while journeying to Kethlan in one last desperate bid to track down the elusive Admiral Jason Zackaria and find a way to end the bloodshed, Simon Dodds makes a discovery that could herald a chance at victory, if only he can convince himself and everyone he loves that the battle is still worth fighting.


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The Attribute of the Strong is an eBook novel, available to purchase from retailers listed below:

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First Edition

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The cover depicts HD 21563010 Ab, the inner-most planet of the HD 21563010 system, in largely-unexplored space. It is where the White Knights must journey to find hope.

Asteroid cover art graphics created by Chris Cold. Used with permission.

Novel Information

Title: The Attribute of the Strong
Series: The Battle for the Solar System
Series Number: 3
Publication Date: December 2012

+ Format: Kindle, iBook, ePub
+ Length: 165,000 words
+ ISBN 13: 9780955856167
+ ISBN 10: 0955856167


The first three chapters of the novel, downloadable in HTML format.

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(Last Updated : 18th December 2018)

Sample chapters are also available from most eBook retailers where the novel is sold.

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