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Battle of Phylent

The Battle of Phylent was an encounter fought between Confederation and Imperial / Pandoran forces. It was the closing event of a day that began with Operation Menelaus.


Event Details [Toggle Spoilers]

The engagement began when Anthony Hawke and Jason Zackaria took Ifrit to the Phylent system, with the intention of destroying Griffin and taking hold of the White Knights and the ATAFs (and subsequently, the ATAF blueprints).

Elliott Parks saved Griffin from destruction when he remotely disabled CSN Ifrit, in doing so giving the White Knights time to dispatch Ifrit's starfighter complement. The team then went on to engage CSN Dragon, which had arrived at the request of Hawke and Zackaria. However, further reinforcement soon appeared and Parks called for an immediate retreat from the system.

The battle ended when Simon Dodds disobeyed an order from Parks and directed an attack against Ifrit, spacing both Anthony Hawke and Jason Zackaria. The enemy forces immediately ceased firing and, after rescuing Hawke and Zackaria, withdrew from the system, completely ignore the CSN forces for fear of injuring or killing the two senior commanders in their already vulnerable state.






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