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Adrian Parsons

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameAdrian Parsons
Date of Birth9th May 2561
Age56 (TTS)
63 (AOTS)
AffiliationIndependent (Torelli)

Adrian Parsons was one of a select number of individuals invited along to a so-called "meeting of minds", to discuss what was known about the menace that would later become known as the Pandoran army. Elliott Parks was not fond of the man even before the meeting, feeling that Parsons loved the sound of his own voice more than anything else, and disliking his use of flowery and sometimes extravagant words and phrases.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Parsons was present at the IWC General Assembly, held at Alba during December 2617. He took the opportunity to voice some concerns he'd heard about the Helios Confederation's true intentions in the evacuation procedures of various independent worlds and system, in preparation for Operation Sudarberg. The concerns voiced included rumours that Helios was selectively choosing those to aid in the evacuations based on how useful they may prove to it after the fall out of the Pandoran War. Parsons was careful to state that these were not his own accusations, but merely rumours he had heard that he thought were worth repeating. Though he was eventually requested to stand down by Chancellor Salvador Fry, he nonetheless relished the chance to make Parks and the Confederation appear foolish, and perhaps harbouring other agendas.

After Zackaria's speech began to proliferate about the known galaxy, Parsons was conferred all necessary powers to ensure that Operation Sudarberg could commence immediately. He subsequently took over command of Grendel's Mother and took both it and the Tachyon Star Bombs to the Coyote system, to have them loaded onto the ATAFs. He had Parks arrested when the commodore attempted to override his command and escape Coyote with the White Knights, ordering James Potter to hold him to the brig.

Parsons was later terribly wounded when Grendel's Mother suffered a major attack, suffered burns to most parts of his body. He escaped the carrier as the abandon ship call was made, delegating the duty of saving the TSBs to Potter and Parks.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Parsons survived the Pandoran's push beyond Mitikas, and continued to work with the allied forces in finding a way to defeat the fleet as it invaded Helios. He never fully recovered from the burns he suffered on Grendel's Mother, in Coyote, surgery having limited results.

In late 2624, he arrived in Sol, aboard the Troll Hunter. He participated in a number of discussions of how to take down Dragon, but continued to suggest that the Helios Confederation were attempting to position themselves as a galactic supremacy for when the war was finally over.


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