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UNF La Machine Infernale 1800

La Machine Infernale 1800 is a UNF frigate. It was assimilated into the Pandoran fleet during the invasion of the Independent nations.





The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

The Infernale was one of many warships left abandoned in the Kethlan system, when the Pandoran crew members died. It had been damaged during its capture and had been repaired using whatever material were available, with no effort being made to match colour or texture. It therefore bore the appearance of a hybrid.

Simon Dodds entered the Infernale through an open airlock and investigated the ship, discovering that it was well stocked with food. Though many of the crew were dead, Dodds encountered one Pandoran soldier who was still walking around inside. He died quickly after the encounter, however, without any intervention from Dodds.

The soldier, as well as another discovered in a storeroom, were taken aboard Griffin for examination, where it was discovered that they had died of cellular generation, as a result of mutations in the Pandorans' nanomachine mutation.






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