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Kingdom of Tzac

The Kingdom of Tzac is a non-aligned world, in the Mace star system, located within Independent space. A dictatorship, Tzac has never been a part of the Independent World, the ICW, or the United Naval Forces. All invitations to join have been rejected, with many Independent Worlds, the Mitikas Empire, and the Helios Confederation labelling it as one of the most dangerous rogue states in the known galaxy (although they do sometimes trade with the world, including purchasing military hardware). Much of its society is secret. Since 2591, it has been ruled over by Empress Christabel IV.





The Pandoran War [Toggle Spoilers]

As the Pandorans began their push into Independent World space, Christabel made good on her threats (which many had, up until that point, seen as empty) to extend her control to neighbouring star systems, and eventually bring the entire galaxy under her dominion. The first attacks came against Trilliack, Alba, Rothan, and Donesta. She also moved forces into Aster, in an attempt to take hold of the uninhabited star system, for strategic purposes.

When these attempts failed, Tzac hired a great number of mercenaries to aid them in their struggle against the allied forces of the CSN and UNF. This also failed, with the mercenaries soon giving up the fight, and either fleeing or surrendering.

Mace was then directly attacked by the allied forces. At first, Tzac fought back strongly, but soon wavered, and eventually surrendered. Christabel herself committed suicide, self destructing her own transport ship, rather than face trial for war crimes by the intergalactic community.

Only a few days later, the Pandorans advanced on Mace. With Tzac in disarray following recent events, Mace was left unprepared to deal with the arrival of the Pandoran army, and the Kingdom of Tzac was wiped out when Mace fell to the Enemy.




1. The Kingdom of Tzac only appears in TBFTSS: The Pandoran War and not the novel trilogy.




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