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Red Devils

The Red Devils are a flight group within the Confederation Stellar Navy.


Early History

Whilst many of the CSN's flight groups were mixed sex, the Red Devils was created by the CSN as a female-exclusive team. As of 2617, Andrea Kennedy lead the team, performing the duty of wing commander. Other team members included Liza Poutre, Roxie Bridgewater, Julianne Goodbody and Tara Bartz.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with the White Knights and Silver Panthers, the Red Devils took part in the ATAF evaluation program at Xalan. The team were ultimately successful and went on to undergo real life training with the new starfighters.

In June 2617, the team participated in Operation Menelaus, where Elliott Parks intended to put both them and the ATAFs through a real world test-run. The Devils lost their lives when Griffin was attacked by an Imperial frigate. Four of the team were spaced, whilst Andrea Kennedy was crushed by a collapsed ceiling.








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