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Copper Beetles

The Copper Beetles are a flight group within the CSN, with whom Chaz Koonan once flew.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

After becoming suspicious of Chaz Koonan following the encounter at Arlos Starport, Estelle de Winter did some research into the Copper Beetles and uncovered an error in the records.

Though Chaz had stated that he had flown with the squadron from 2609 until 2617, when the squadron was disbanded and once more confined to a database, Estelle discovered that Chaz's naval records stated that he hadn't enlisted until 2612. She then pointed out that the Copper Beetles hadn't flown a sortie since 2611 and had existed as a reserve designation since then.

Chaz eventually confirmed her suspicions, admitting to her that he had been working for the CSS for a number of years.







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