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Arlos Starport Incident

Whilst on board Arlos starport, the White Knights experienced a series of unexplainable events.


Event Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Whilst in the Phylent system, the White Knights were dispatched to Arlos Starport to retrieve a data card from CSS agent Clare Barber. Whilst at the port the Knights were attacked in the morgue by a black-suited Imperial soldier, who mysteriously "resurrected" after being shot down by Estelle de Winter. After a struggle involving all five of the Knights, the soldier was eventually downed.

The Knights were attacked once more whilst attempting to flee the pilot, their attackers displaying the same unique skills and style of clothing as the one from the morgue. The Knights eventually escaped when Chaz Koonan set up a smoke-screen / fall-wall combination and allowed them to safely reach the airlock.

Upon returning to Spirit, Estelle de Winter submitted a detailed report of the incident. The report was never officially filed nor seen ever again.






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