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TBFTSS : The Pandoran War
Sun, 1st November 2015

Work has started on a new game, set in the BATTLE FOR THE SOLAR SYSTEM universe. This game, titled 'The Pandoran War' is set between the events of THE THIRD SIDE and THE ATTRIBUTE OF THE STRONG. The game is a 2D, mission-based, multidirectional shooter, which sees the player taking control of various starfighters and other craft, battle opponents, completing objectives, and doing their best to help rid the galaxy of the menace of the Pandoran warmachine.

As of now, the game is still very much work in progress (and currently stands at version 0.2, meaning there are at least 8 more releases to go before it is finished). Even so, there are missions available to play, and much fun to be had.

It should be noted that only the source code is available right now (so, no binary releases for Windows or Mac). A Unix makefile is available so that the game can be built and played, so it is perfectly possible to create a Windows or Mac version. Screenshots and the source code for the release can be found by clicking here.

The source code is also available at Git Hub:




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