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Maximilian Tyler-Brett

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameMaximilian Tyler-Brett
Date of Birth5th July 2562
Date of Death1st June 2616
Age54 (HOTK)
AffiliationMitikas Empire
RoleSenior Magistrate of the Imperial Senate

The Senior Magistrate of the Mitikas Empire's Imperial Senate, Tyler-Brett stands for maintaining the purity of the empire and ensuring that it remains a strong galactic nation. He worked closely with Emperor Adam Lorenzo on keeping Mitikas this way for many years, though he and the emperor never saw eye to eye on some issues.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

In 2608, Crown Emperor Lorenzo III signed a declaration of independence to Tigris and Sampi-Persei VII, granting them much-requested freedom from the rule of the Mitikas Empire. Though the news was well received, Tyler-Brett and other members of the Imperial Senate were unhappy with the decision. Their opposition to the decision was waved away by Lorenzo and the Senate abandoned the Forum the very next day, heading for the Krasst system. Tyler-Brett vowed never to forgive the emperor for his transgressions.

Tyler-Brett suggested and authorised the assassination of the Emperor, in order to dispose of him and take back the Empire by force. The attempts failed and Tyler-Brett was eventually apprehended during the short-lived civil war the actions sparked. He was found guilty of numerous acts of murder, treason and inciting rebellion within the empire. He was eventually sentenced to 312 years in a prison on Kethlan.

Tyler-Brett was eventually killed during the Pandoran invasion of Kethlan in 2616, when his prison was destroyed during an orbital bombardment. His death is considered by some to have been a great martyrdom.





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