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Alan Cox

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameAlan George Cox
Date of Birth18th September 2582
Date of Death13th June 2617
Age34 (HOTK)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
RankLieutenant Commander

Alan Cox is the helmsman and navigator aboard CSN Ifrit.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Cox was serving aboard CSN Ifrit during Operation Menelaus and became suspicious of Anthony Hawke when the man refused to abandon their rear guard position and aid Griffin, Leviathan and Grendel's Mother when the operation ran into difficulties.

Later, when searching for Griffin, following the carrier's disappearance, Cox realised that Hawke was preparing to betray the Confederation. He was initially terrified by his captain's actions (killing three of the bridge crew and two of the security detail), as well as an invasion of Ifrit by Jason Zackaria and several Pandoran soldiers. However, he soon decided to kill Hawke before he could betray Helios any further. Cox attacked Hawke with a screwdriver he had taken from a maintenance worker, but was thwarted by Zackaria, who broke his arm and threw him across the width of the bridge, into a wall, breaking his back. Cox was finally shot dead by Hawke.





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