A diverse cast of characters inhabit The Battle for the Solar System universe. Click on the name of the character to read more about them and their part in the story. There are currently 108 profiles listed. A star following the character name indicates that they plays a key part in the trilogy.


Helios Confederation

Aaron Taylor Aiden Meyers
Alan Cox Ali Liu
Amanda Jenkins Andrea Kennedy
Anthony Hawke Barbara Taylor
Brandon Walsh Casper Heywood
Charlie Brunswick Chaz Koonan  
Christian Hail Christopher Weathers
Clare Barber Claudia Burns
Clinton Oliver Cody Ferandez
Damien Archer Daniel Sullivan
David Turner Elliott Parks  
Emilio Swann Enrique Todd  
Estelle de Winter   Fred Fisher
Gemma Taylor Gregory Dodds
Harry Martin Hugh Sanderson
Ian Barclay Ian Cole
Jake Brookes James Ainsworth
Jed de Winter Jerome Fincham
Jonathan Wells Julianne Goodbody
Karen Weathers Kate Somerville
Katherine Strickland Kelly Taylor  
Liza Poutre Lucas Short
Luke Koonan Marshall Ryder
Matthew Koonan Matthew Marsh
Michael Adams Michael Chang
Nelson Lee Nelson Winward
Oliver O'Donnell Omar Wyatt
PJ Burgess Patrick Dean
Paul Robles Pete Johnson
Poppy Castro Roxie Bridgewater
Sally Dodds Sam Williams
Samson Tunstall Scott Mansun
Seth McLeod Simon Dodds  
Socks (Dodds) Stefan Pitt
Susan Taylor Tamara Wolfenden
Tammy Dawes Tara Bartz
Tracy Storm Vanessa Koonan
Victor Evans


Adrian Parsons Bree Roberts
Carla Oz Carlson Henry
Colin Wood David Porter
Edie Thompson Edward Silverthorne
George Hamilton James Potter
Jennifer Bailey John Stafford
Joyle Lynch Kent Milligan
Kim Song Natalia Grace  
Neal Stockwell Nel Armitage
Salvador Fry Sima Mandeep
Suresh Bajaj Vincent Lovejoy

Mitikas Empire

Adam Lorenzo III Jacques Chalmers
Jason Zackaria   Julian Rissard  
Julie Drummford Margaret Lorenzo
Maximilian Tyler-Brett Tim Leadbetter


The Pandorans  




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