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UNF Vortex of Justice

Vortex of Justice is a dreadnought, volunteered to the United Naval Forces.





The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

In 2622, the Vortex of Justice took part in phase two of Black Widow, travelling to the Adetton system to start clearing up what remained of the Pandoran forces. The dreadnought was one of the few warships that managed to escape the subsequent ambush laid down by the Enemy and return back to Confederation space. At the time, Justice was believed to be the allies' last remaining dreadnought, with Cratos believed to have been lost.

In late 2624, Justice was one of the many warships that was assisting in the defence and evacuation of Sky. While attempting to hold back Dragon, the dreadnought engaged the battleship head-on, hoping to stop it from getting near the planet. It failed, Dragon blowing it apart with its plasma accelerators, before firing its anti-matter cannon at Sky.






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