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Spirit Orbital

A space station in orbit around Spirit. Is circular in appearance, like a wheel of a bike, a number of "spokes" connecting a central hub.

The station is in desperate need of regeneration and a lot of attention, being somewhat derelict and run down owing to years of neglect. Restoration work has, however, stalled in recent years due to undisclosed reasons.

The station is currently taking on the strain imposed on it by the increased demands of the CSN; strain that Spirit's orbital ring could more easily handle. But like the station, the ring is far from finished, completion still several years away, if it is ever resumed at all.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

The station came under increased usage in 2617, when the CSN began shipping a great deal of its service personnel to the Temper system. The bulk of the patrolling starfighters would operate out of station, though many of the personnel were based planet-side due to over population of the station's facilities.









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