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The Pandoran War is a 2D mission-based space shooter, set between THE THIRD SIDE and THE ATTTRIBUTE OF THE STRONG. The game features over 50 individual missions, with many different objectives and craft to pilot.



  • Battle through a story-backed Campaign, composed of over 60 missions.
  • Pilot starfighters from the novels, including the ATAF, Ray, Firefly, and many more, including new fighters not featured in the core trilogy.
  • Take the seat as one of the many characters from the novel trilogy.
  • Non-linear mission structure.
  • Multiple mission objectives.
  • Engage in combat with pirates, traitors, and the Pandoran army.
  • Tackle huge and deadly capital ships.
  • Work alongside AI team mates, to reach your goals.
  • Engage in epic struggles, where the destruction of your fighter does not mean the end of the fight.
  • Take advantage of the player-only Boost and ECM abilities, to gain a tactical edge of battle.
  • Earn trophies for completing missions and racking up impressive stats.
  • Take on the Challenge mode, designed to test your skills to breaking point.



The gameplay manual can be found in the "manual" folder of the game archive (and in /opt/tbftss/manual in the Linux binary installs). It can also be read online, by clicking here.





Below is a list of the downloads available for the game. You should download the file that matches your operating system (or the source code, if you prefer to compile your own version).

FilenameVersionOSSizeUpload date
tbftss-1.5.1.src.tar.gz1.5.1Source code63MB29th February 2020
tbftss-1.5.1.linux-x86_64.tar.gz1.5.1Linux (x86 64-Bit)65MB29th February 2020



Windows: Uncompress the zip file, and double click on tbftss.exe to launch the game.

Linux x86: Unpack the archive, change into the directory it was extracted into, and run ./tbftss from the command line to launch the game.

Linux source builds: Unpack the archive and change into the directory it was extracted into. Run make, and then make install (likely, you will need to be sudo for this to work). The game can then be started via the Games menu entry. Alternatively, the game can be started from the commmand line by typing tbftss. The binary will be installed into /usr/bin, and the data into /opt/tbftss.



The Pandoran War features a trophy award system, not unlike the trophies and achievements found on PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam. Trophies are listed below (some are hidden). Note: this is not an online system.

44 trophies (18 hidden)

Show / Hide Hidden Trophies

One of the seven

Earn all other trophies

Gentle start

Complete a campaign mission

Ready for duty

Complete all the training missions at Sol

Truly epic

Survive an epic battle

The bigger they are ...

Destroy an enemy capital ship

Giant Slayer

Destroy 25 enemy capital ships

Plenty more where that came from, unfortunately

Destroy a Pandoran-controlled craft

Oh man, I gotta get me one of these!

Pilot an ATAF during the campaign

The 4th emergency service

Complete a mission using a Tug

Room for one more on top

Complete a challenge using a Shuttle


Complete 25% of all challenges


Complete 50% of all challenges


Complete 100% of all challenges


Take down 50 enemies (player only)


Take down 500 enemies (player only)


Take down 2,500 enemies (player only)

Your name's on one of these!

Fire 100,000 shots

Dodge this!

Launch 500 missiles

Isn't technology wonderful?

Use the ECM 250 times


Boost 250 times


Collect 250 items


Visit 100 waypoints


Destroy 255 mines (player only)

Get out and push

Disable 500 opponents

Frequent flyer

Destroy one of each common type of starfighter


During an epic battle, kill the enemy that just killed you



GitHub project page - The source code and resources for the game.
The making of ... - A page dedicated to the development of the game.
YouTube Playlist - A YouTube playlist of all the main missions in the game.



The source code for this game is licensed under GPL2. Assets are provided under a variety of Creative Commons licenses, described in the file.

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