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Kyle Hicks

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameKyle Leon Hicks
Date of Birth6th June 2581
Date of Death11th May 2621
Age36 (PW)
AffiliationUnited Naval Forces
RoleStarfighter Pilot

Kyle Hicks is a starfighter pilot within the United Naval Forces. He flies with the Sliders.





The Pandoran War [Toggle Spoilers]

Hicks was approached during the events of the Pandoran War to join the ISS, for a special operation. Initially uninterested, he changed his mind upon the death of his sister, the last remaining member of his immediate family. After accepting and joining the secret service, he was enrolled into Operation Trojan Horse, and charged with piloting an Angel, an Imperial starfighter which had been acquired earlier in the Phylent system, by an ad-hoc team lead by PJ Burgess.

Hicks joined a Pandoran squadron at Sampi-Persei VII, taking part in the missions there, at Tigris, and at Trilliack. He struggled considerably with the orders he had been given by the secret service - to best mimic the actions of his Pandoran wingmates - which involved him having to take the lives of both civilians and his own former team mates in the UNF. He found himself with little choice, as to do otherwise would mean blowing his cover and dooming the operation to failure.

Following the attack on Trilliack, Hicks went with the Pandoran squadron to Krasst, where he encountered Jason Zackaria, piloting a custom Sphinx. It did not take long for Zackaria to notice that Hicks was observing him, and after a very brief exchange, the admiral called for Hicks' Angel to be destroyed. Surrounded by hundreds of Imperial and Tzac fighters and capital ships, Hicks barely had time to turn his fighter in the direction of the nearest jumpgate.

Following Hicks' failure, the CSS and ISS considered that the Pandorans had seen through their plans from the very start, and simply chose to take advantage of Hicks' willingness to lend his assistance to The Mission.




1. Kyle Hicks only appears in TBFTSS: The Pandoran War and not the novel trilogy.

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