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Simon Dodds has had his wings clipped. Shot down over the luxurious holiday planet Mythos and separated from his wingmates, he is quick to discover that the once-popular sun-soaked paradise has been transformed into a nightmarish war zone, swarming with armies of seemingly unstoppable black-suited soldiers. The Pandoran war machine is on the move, preparing to advance The Mission and deal to the rest of the galaxy the same fate it did the Mitikas Empire.

Unaware of what fate may have befallen his friends, the young pilot attempts to make his way through the dangerous streets of the war-torn city of New Malaga, as he waits for the CSN to rush to the rescue.

But from out of the chaos emerges something far more terrible; and if Dodds can somehow survive the next 24 hours, he might finally see beyond the lies he has been fed and hear a side to the story that no one wants him to: what really happened to the Imperium, who the black-suited warriors are, what the ATAFs were built for...

... and what his purpose in all of it is. Whether he likes it or not.

There are three sides to every story. But sometimes the truth is the hardest side to believe.


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The Third Side is an eBook novel, available to purchase from retailers listed below:

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“An accomplished novel, it's got a great set of characters, a distinctive style and a powerful plot, recommended.” -


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First Edition

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The cover depicts Mythos, a planet of the Coyote system, within independent world space.
Here, it is shown to be under siege by the Pandoran army.

Novel Information

Title: The Third Side
Series: The Battle for the Solar System
Series Number: 2
Publication Date: September 2011

+ Format: Kindle, iBook, ePub
+ Length: 148,000 words
+ ISBN 13: 9780955856174
+ ISBN 10: 0955856175



The first three chapters of the novel, downloadable HTML format.

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(Last Updated : 18th December 2018)

Sample chapters are also available from most eBook retailers where the novel is sold.

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